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The Red Man Group Episode #51 - The Red Pill & Politics | With Special Guest Elliot Hulse

March 10, 2019

4K video and audio remaster of RMG Episode #51 filmed in Orlando Florida at 21 Studios.

How has becoming "Red Pill Aware" changed your understanding of things you'd always perceived true from a Blue Pill perspective? The Red Pill has a way of inspiring disappointment – sometimes nihilism – tonight we'll discuss some of the ways becoming Red Pill changes our outlook on life.

Are your parents the same people you've always imagined them as in a Red Pill light?

How has the Red Pill changed how you see the men and women in your family? Brothers, sisters, friends, co-workers, even your grandparents; knowing what you do about intersexual dynamics do you have a new way of understanding the people in your life?

Can you still listen to music or watch a movie without seeing or listening through a Red Pill filter?

It's been said that human beings cannot handle too much "reality". Does the Red Pill ruin the fantasies and escapes that we need to believe in to support our existences? Can (should) we ever reinsert ourselves into that Matrix again? Are we damaging the lives of people who 'need' the Blue Pill to support their existence?

Join us this Saturday for an in-studio discussion, live from the 21 21 Studios HQ in Orlando Florida, at a special time, 8pm EST.

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