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The Truth About Rollo Tomassi Hillary Clinton of the Manosphere

September 17, 2019

About: this video is the truth about author and former manosphere icon "Rollo Tomassi". This is the first manosphere presidential address given by Anthony Dream Johnson.


This presidential address was created and given with the highest respect and regard for truth, morality, justice, individual rights, and the law, as well as YouTube's community guidelines, safety policies, and terms of service.

This address is protected by the 1st amendment to the federal constitution of the United States, as well as article 1 section 4 of the Florida state constitution.

All statements made therein are factual and truthful to the best knowledge of Anthony Johnson and can be supported with evidence where appropriate.

All content in this video is either used with permission by Anthony Johnson, The 21 Convention LLC, or is protected by the fair use doctrine of the United States of America for the purposes of the public good, commentary, and criticism.

Links: "The Future of the Red Man Group" email: https://imgur.com/a/Zpk0kU8

15 page statement from The 21 Convention LLC: https://bit.ly/2kJZ2fB

Rollo Tomassi/Nellie Bowles incident: https://youtu.be/Fd5dm3knRF0

ADJ response to Rich Cooper: https://youtu.be/VCZRZRtfSzM

Richard Cooper attack video: https://youtu.be/uwhGDqibvHA

The Vichy Male (Pt.1): The Betrayer In Our Midst https://youtu.be/0QJflYzIkvc

The Vichy Male (Pt 2): The Red Man Group Failed Coup https://youtu.be/WAd321aL6ys

Rollo Tomassi 2018 full speech: https://youtu.be/sk9TGRxw7K4

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